Topic 4: What commissioners can do

This topic gives a brief overview of the messages for commissioners.

You can start by watching the video of Tim talking about how commissioners can enable inclusive and proactive support (2 minutes).

Question: How do current services include people living alone with dementia and without informal support?

The research produced a Guide for commissioners. This provides golden rules about how commissioners can help ensure good support to people living alone with dementia and without family and friends nearby. There is information for each golden rule about why it matters and what’s needed. The guide then has a pathway to help you think through how to support people, followed by examples of how this is being done.

Watch the video of Gerry, the implementation advisor, talking about the guide (5 minutes).

You can also download the presentation with notes here.

Read the Guide (20 minutes)

Question: How can you use this guide?

Image from the Centre for Ageing Better’s Age-positive Image Library