Training resource

People can and do live on their own with dementia and without informal support. This training resource provides information to enable this, based on our research.

How the Training resource works

You can click on the links below to work through a topic. The topic will include some written information, short videos and links to resources. There are questions that you can use to reflect on the topic individually or to have a discussion with colleagues. 


The aim is to enable people who work in social care to incorporate learning from the project into their professional development so that they can improve services for people living alone with dementia and without informal support.


  • People who work in social care and health, who are undertaking professional development, including practitioners, providers, managers and leaders such as commissioners
  • Professional development staff in social care and health.

Topic 1: About the training

Topic 2: About the research

Topic 3: What practitioners and providers can do

Topic 4: What commissioners can do

We recommend that you start with Topic 1.

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